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Extract Hydrogen From Water Without Electrolyte!


This method of water electrolysis is based on generation of electrical square impulses at a given frequency. I will test this kind of device myself and if it really works I will publish on this site the exact frequency you need to separate H2 from O. It has been done by Stanley Meyer, who got his patent on this system, and now it is being blogged all around the world as the “water car fuel” system. Although classic science doesn’t believe this, and you’ll find all sort of scam accusations on this, IT NEEDS to be tested by you and me and used solely for ourselves. If you can, teach others, but do NOT sell this technology to make money, or become famous, for the sake of yourself and your dear ones. Use it for your own car, make it as safe as possible, and, again, teach others. Some day, who knows, maybe the planet will benefit from this technology.

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  1. To all above who demand for the correct frequency: There is no fixed frequency! Accordin to Stanley Meyers and other replicators it varies with cell dimension, quantity of the water in the cell, impurities in the water, etc. Due to this there is a circuit that starts looking for the resonant condition starting with a given frequency. Then, it goes throught the whole interval from one to one till the resonant condition is met. So there is a feedback control loop implemented with micro-contollers or the equivalent.
    For example the algorithm is something like this:
    Step 1. Generate DC current square wave with frecquency F1 and a wait a fixed delay (miliseconds or more)
    S2. Is resonant condition met?
    S3. If Yes keep generating the same F1. Else F1 = F1 + 1 (or – 1 depending on how you choose your F1 value).
    S4. Go to Step 1.

    According to SM’s patents the resonant condition would be that the current intensity in the cell drops very much (several times at least in a well designet cell). Failing to undestand that the freq varies from experiment to experiment (an sadly from time to time in the same experiment due to changing of the local conditions) is one reason for failure. Is like finding a needle in a huge haystack.

  2. This is fantastic the rate in which Hydrogen is produced is incredible and with such a low input this has got tobe the real answer to running and internal combustion engine purely on hydrogen any help you can offer me with parts list and a diagram will be shared and greatly appreciated



  3. Hey,
    I’ve been working on a hydrogen project for school and was wondering how to extract hydrogen in a fast way …
    could u send me the same info as the rest?
    I’ll share it with my classmates and will learn as much as possible from it.
    Thanks, Brian ( [email protected] )

  4. I’ve been trying to crack this nut for quite sometime myself and had no real advances, could i get a copy of your processes and equipment list if possible, i would be most appreciative and i will always share what i learn with the willing to learn it…
    Thanx Jason [email protected]

  5. Can u send me your wiring setup and materials used for your generator cell in order to produce the hydrogen? I’m an ECE and i’m curious about your experiment. Thank you and more power



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