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10 Ways to Charge Your Dying Device Battery


There is no single person who has never been in a situation when the battery of his electronic device ran out exactly when it is most needed. Here we would like to show you 10 ways to add that valuable “one bar” to the battery icon that has the potential to save the day, or even life of someone.

#1. Use heat from cooking pots. The EcoCharge, created by Ardavan Mirhosseini, attaches magnetically to any given metal surfaces (such as a cooking pot or a home heater) and collects waste heat that is turned it into energy for gadget charging.
#2.   The BikeCharge Dynamo, created by Bike Console,  is an universal power generator that can not only power your light, but also generate enough energy to charge any USB device as you pedal through the park or on the busy street.
#3. Now this is a smooth solution to your problem. An XD Design solar window charger easily attachable to your window. The outside of the charger catches sunlight, while the inside uses the solar power to charge your electronic equipment (and add a little class to your room interior).
#4.  The 8 by 12 inch super-efficient flexible panel built  in the gadget bag is capable of pushing up to 1000mA at 5.6v via a USB cable. Moreover, when your device is not plugged, an 800mAh Li Ion battery acts as a buffer, collecting the rays for later use.
#5. Finger battery charger, a concept by Song Teaho and Hyejin Lee. It allows you to charge your devices battery with a few quick spins on your finger in order to help you make that lifesaving phone call.
#6. Walk Charge Shoe, designed by Tao Ma. It uses the person’s daily motions to charge an electronic device. Although it looks like a very uncomfortable solution, but the in-built  turbines generate electricity, which is stored in the on-board battery in each shoe. When finished walking, just sit down, plug a gadget into the USB port in the back of each shoe and enjoy the sunshine spells while your device is charging.
#7. RCA Airnergy is a little box that has inside it a circuitry that harvests WiFi energy out of the air and converts it into electricity. Unlike a solar charger, it works at night and you can keep it in your pocket, makes it usable at literally any time.
#8. Solio Communicator is a hands-free kit that charges with solar power. It has a solar panel and a lithium-ion battery that can soak up energy while attached to any flat surface inside the car.
#9. HY Mini Wind Turbine is a tiny portable charger with a turbine that generates energy. To use it just plug in the HY Mini via one of its interchangeable adapters and watch your device being charged only by the eco-friendly wind power.
#10. And if it all fails,  grab the first tangerine or a banana that you find! If you’re on the road, you might even boost local fruit production.
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  1. There is no single person who has never been in a situation when the
    battery of his electronic device ran out exactly when it is most needed.
    Everyone” s run out of power just when it was nedded the most.

  2. Hello, We are the makers of SOLIO. Your #8 Communicator is not currently a product on the market. We do however make several Battery Packs for USB-powered electronics that are recharged by Solar. Current models are the 2000 mAh BOLT or the 3200 mAh CLASSIC2. These are available at REI, Radioshack, Amazon and at Solio.com

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