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Price of Electric Vehicles Going Down With The New Smart ForTwo


People who care about the environment would always prefer to jump in an electric vehicle (EV) instead of a conventional one. Unfortunately, the cost of leaving a smaller carbon footprint is still quite high, preventing the sales of electric vehicles hitting the roof.

Moreover, what you pay for filling a tank with gasoline is still lower than recharging your car with electric power (unless you plan to live in Hawaii).

SmartForTwo might just be what all EV lovers need. If we do not include the delivery charge, a brand new SmartForTwo ED Couple can be purchased at a bare price of $25,000, making it the cheapest EV on the market so far. What makes it even more attractive is the sleek design, but this is a topic of another article.

At a starting price of $21,000 you can receive the car including tax charges and a home charger. In case you are already an EV owner in a possession of a home charger, you can easily bring down the price by about $2000.

Now let’s hope that Smart will continue with their great lease practices as they have done with their previous models. Such winning move is bound to bring the sales of SmartForTwo up to record numbers.

Via: Ubergizmo

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