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$200 Million Wind Project Under Construction in New York


The American company Iberdrola Renewables Inc. is now working on a new wind farm project in Herkimer County, New York. The project is one of the seven new wind farms Iberdrola Renewables currently has under construction around the U.S.

Its construction will be carried out with American workforce, using components manufactured in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. 200 people have already been involved in the project that includes building roads, transporting components and installing electrical systems.

Not only will the Hardscrabble Wind Power Project create jobs, but it will also make a number of payments to landowners and local jurisdictions, which will total almost $592,000.

The wind project will be made up of 37 American-made Gamesa wind turbines standing on 100-meter towers. Its capacity, when completed, is expected to be the equivalent of the electricity needed to power over 25,000 typical New York homes each year. The clean, renewable energy will reduce the amount of emissions that 26,000 cars produce.

[Source: BusinessWire]

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