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New California Assembly Bill May Benefit Clean Energy Storage Manufacturers


Usually, today’s solar and wind power plants, rely on diesel or coal-powered generators for backup (in case there’s no wind and light available), fact that diminishes their green credentials.

The California Assembly has just proposed a new bill that would impose utilities to have incorporated energy storage equipment that can store 2.25% of daytime peak demand by 2014 and 5% of peak demand by 2020.

If it passes, the new bill could boost the energy storage industry, benefiting companies that build batteries, pumped hydro systems, compressed air storage systems, hydrogen, flywheels and others.

The bill has been introduced by Nancy Skinner, a member of the assembly, partnering with California Attorney General G. Brown Jr., saying that it would lower the costs of electricity and provide a viable alternative to diesel and coal powered generators that kick in when demand is too high.

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