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Tesla Motors Releases Classy Model S Electric Sedan This Summer


tesla-model-sThink easing up your pocket with at least $57,400 for an electric car isn’t worth it? Take a look at the Model S electric Sedan that’s to be out this summer and think again! The renowned Tesla Motors is squaring away the latest details for this hot release, while still allowing us to take a sneak peak in February at its Model X seven-seat crossover SUV.

Now, it seems that this Model S Sedan is raising high hopes, since it plans to follow the previously set standard for style and elegance of the Roadster. Even though this one will have 2,500 more copies reproduced in 2012, the focus is on the new model Tesla is offering this summer for its American customers.

It must be said that the Model S electric Sedan is being planned for just like a surprise party. For starters, 3 versions of range: the 160 mile version for $57,400, the 230-mile one at the price of $77,400 and, last but not least, the 300-mile model selling out at $87,400, dubbed the Performance model. They all include the federal tax.

These all-electric, zero-emissions sweethearts will plug in at a “supercharging network“, which will have your car up and ready in the time it takes you to order and eat your lunch, with the after-cigarette included: 45 minutes. That’s only if you want to have 90% of its capacity charged; if you’re in a hurry, the time shortens accordingly.

But don’t worry! The battery range is rather lengthy and you won’t miss out on stations: since they are cheaper to install than gas ones, 30 of them will do the job just fine. With all this publicity going on, we’re anxious to see how it looks and get our hands on one of them!

[via Inhabitat]

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