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2014 BMW Cruise Electric Bicycle, Fast Fun For Bike Commuters

BMW Cruise Electric Bicycle
BMW Cruise Electric Bicycle

As cities are clogged with more cars, buses, and taxis, the bicycle is becoming more common as a commuter vehicle than ever before. If you want to get to work without sweating, then an electric bicycle is for you.

The next time you’re stuck in traffic during rush hour [how’s that for an oxymoron?] try to desist from laying on the horn [that doesn’t work] and turn your head 45° left or right and watch those pedestrians or bicycle riders getting to work faster than you are. If you’re getting jealous of their punctuality, but not of their perspiration, then you might want to consider the 2014 BMW Cruise e-Bike, an electric bicycle that’s available for around $3,800 [€2,799].

Hopefully BMW will get around to selling Cruise e-Bike here in the US, because it is a beauty, although maybe not in New York, where electric bicycles are banned. Until the law is changed, there are still plenty of cities where the BMW Cruise e-Bike would be welcome.

It should be noted, that the BMW Cruise e-Bike is not pure electric, but a human hybrid electric bicycle [HHEB?], or pedelec, that is, it only applies power when the rider is applying force to the pedals. It basically amplifies the force you put into it, allowing you to reach cruising speed faster without breaking as much of a sweat, but it won’t power itself up to speed. Using a 400Wh lithium-ion battery and a 48N•m electric motor, the BMW Cruise e-Bike can assist up to 225% [turbo mode] to get up to speed quickly and is fun to ride. The battery pack recharges in about 3½ hours, has a range of about 60 miles, and even features regenerative braking.

Image © nikolaj.kuebler Foter CC BY-SA

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