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2019 BMW i3 Autonomy – Over 350km on a Charge


A new BMW i3 and i3s model is expected to launch towards the end of this year and the beginning of next year, boasting an increase in range. The i3 120Ah will have a bigger capacity battery pack and, according to NEDC, will have a standard range of over 350 km, around 217 miles.

The i3 was launched back in 2013, but the increase in range of the new model will make it one of the most impressive options available. This will appeal to those in the community with ‘range-anxiety’ and the car will most likely become a replacement for the i3 REx, the current expensive, long-range model. The i3 is predominantly a city car and the extended range will be more than suitable for this type of use.

In the past, the 94 Ah battery was optional and only offered at an additional cost, until it became the standard for BMW. This strategy could be adopted for the release of the new 120 Ah battery. However, it is still possible that the 94 Ah will be immediately replaced. This strategy would align well with BMW’s ethos of offering state-of-the-art technology and implementing them into production as soon as possible.

The new range has been estimated by the NEDC, but how these, and WLTP, figures will relate to real-world applications is unclear. The WLTP cycle determined a range of 400 km for the new iX3 SUV, whilst the NECD standard would determine a range of 500 km. This make comparing the two units of measure difficult.

[Via bmwblog.com]

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