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A Different Take on Hybrid Cars in Qatar


Chevy Tahoe Outfitted with GORD's Hybrid SystemQatar is currently the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter per capita. Aiming to change some of that, a research company in Qatar just unveiled a slightly different take on hybrid vehicles, combining multiple technologies.

“Designed and developed in Qatar, the engine captures thermal waste energy that is utilized to generate electric energy to run hydrogen fuel cells using the potable water as a source for the gas,” the Gulf Organisation for Research and Development [GORD] said in a statement.

The new Qatari hybrid electric vehicle [HEV] has an internal combustion engine, battery pack, and hydrogen fuel cell. It runs as a typical HEV, but with a twist. The waste heat from the engine is recovered by thin-film thermoelectric generator on the exhaust.

The electricity then powers an electrolysis device, splitting clean water into oxygen and hydrogen, which can be fed into the fuel cell to produce electricity, or into the engine, replacing the fuel.

A test vehicle was shown at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Doha, the combination of technologies achieving, they claim, over 50% reduction in emissions. Additionally, GORD expects that the electrolysis and thermoelectric devices could be adapted to any modern vehicle without interfering with existing systems.

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