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A New $6 Billion Renewable Power Plant Complex Built by Samsung and Kepco


Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco) and Samsung C&T have signed a contract to build a new $6 billion renewable power plant complex in a small village near Toronto in southern Ontario.

The plan of these two companies is to produce 3.7 kilowatt hours per square meter (11 square feet) by 2016 from the wind and solar energy generators spanning over 202.3 square kilometers, making it the biggest wind and solar cluster in the world.

Under the deal, the Korean consortium will operate the new power cluster for a period of 20 years. “To smooth the process of construction, we definitely need cooperation from the residents,” Lee Cheol-woo, vice president of Samsung C&T, said.

“Most companies that came here just asked whether we wanted to do business with them, but the Samsung C&T employees tried to become our friends,” said William Montour, the tribal leader. “They said they would build solar power plants for nature-loving people like us and create jobs, so we agreed.”

[Source: JoongAng Daily]

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