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New Plant in Arizona Turns Garbage Into Gas


this trash wanted to go in a trash can, but the can was too full, so it's waiting for the next oneThe Spanish engineering company Abengoa announced that they will invest $110 million to build a plant, which will turn garbage into electricity. The new factory will be located in the city of Glendale, Arizona.

Abengoa states that the construction will take around 20 months. The factory will be owned by Vieste Energy, a Chicago-based energy company, and it will be run by Abengoa for 30 years. The engineers estimated that around 180,000 tones of garbage will be turned into gas per year, generating around 15 MW of electricity daily.

Unlike common bioenergy plants, the new factory will not only process organic waste. It will be equipped with new generation sensors, which will sort garbage into usable and unusable.

The practice of turning garbage into gas is already common across Europe, with Norwegian city Oslo being famous for importing trash from neighbouring countries. Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, are closely behind on the leader board. Nevertheless, such plants are very rare in the U.S.

The garbage-to-waste plant in Glendale will be constructed at 30 feet below ground, and it will be situated at the Glendale Municipal Landfill site.

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