New “Connected Universe” Theory Could Pave the Way to Unlimited Energy Resource

connected-universeA new paper on the theory of gravity published last week could revolutionize the world as we know it by demonstrating – through basic algebraic and geometric equations – the existence of a new energy reservoir: the spacetime.

It may sound like Star Trek, but the prospect of unlimited, free energy actually isn’t a pipe dream. Nassim Haramein, Director of Research at the Hawaii Institute for Unified Physics (HIUP) is the author of the paper that has been validated and published in the peer review journal, Physical Review and Research International.

His “Connected Universe” theory says everything in the universe is connected – from the smallest to the largest, through a unified understanding of gravity.

“Remember that matter is made up of 99.9 percent space,” Haramein said. “Quantum field theory states that the structure of spacetime itself, at the extremely small level, vibrates with tremendous intensity. If we were to extract even a small percentage of all the energy held within the vibrations present in the space inside your little finger, it would represent enough energy to supply the world’s needs for hundreds of years. This new discovery has the potential to open up access and harness that energy like never before, which would revolutionize life as we know it today.”

A bold prediction about the charge radius of the proton is at the basis of Haramein’s Connected Universe theory. His prediction has been recently verified by the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland, where scientists actually measured it and confirmed Haramein’s supposition.

“Protons are the primary building blocks of our universe – they are at the center of every atom and therefore are everywhere and in everything,” said Chris Almida, Executive Director of the Resonance Project Foundation, parent organization of HIUP. “It is critical that we accurately understand proton structure if we are to even begin to understand the ‘connected universe.’ Nassim’s prediction was confirmed and is exactly right (within the margin of error of the experiment), whereas the Standard Model theory is off by a significant amount.” Almida continued, “If Nassim’s theory is correct, insight into solving some of mankind’s most prevalent problems could be within our grasp.”

Filmmaker Malcolm Carter did a 20-minute documentary to show Haramein’s ideas in a fashion that’s easy to understand by non-scientists. The trailer below has been originally posted on

It looks to me that little by little, scientific theory is starting to merge with what pseudo-scientific theories have been saying all along: everything is connected, what you do here can have an impact on the other side of the universe and so on. It’s worth keeping an eye on this realm, even if you’re skeptical about this kind of stuff. The next groundbreaking, Einstein-magnitude theorist could be just around the corner.


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