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Arab Oil Company Acquires 4% of Tesla Motors


oil_rigEverybody knows how important the oil industry is in our global economy nowadays, and the influence such a power can have on any aspect of every business. Now, I don’t want to cross the decent border of believing in a conspiracy theory, but when the oil business is threatened these days, it’s normal that oil magnates wouldn’t sit back and watch electric cars and alternative energy providers take their piece of meat from right in front of them.

You know Tesla Motors – they’re the ones who conceived and manufacture the Tesla Roadster – a logo for electric cars for about two years now. Tesla is spreading their offices throughout the world, a sign of good evolution. Daimler AG bought 10% of Tesla’s shares back in May.

Yesterday, Reuters reports that Abu Dhabi-based Aabar Investments (AABAR.AD) has purchased 40% of Daimler’s stake in Tesla Motors. Their reason was that they would launch a joint venture.

If the bell didn’t ring to you by now, I’m telling you that Aabar is an investment company controlled by the International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC), owned by the Governmnet of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, who provides most of the oil produced by the United Arab Emirates, the world’s third largest oil exporter.

So, the interest is pretty high. Now, Aabar doesn’t do much with those 4% of Tesla, but their action shows a proof of concept that electric car companies could be acquired through economic tricks by the same old oil drillers – the enemy of the electric car.tesla-roadster

We could think of Aabar’s acquisition as a small step into what could be a way to diversify their field of action, and to easily integrate into the electric car industry, also making a greener image and a having a word to say, but it’s very unlikely.

Having seen the death of GM’s EV1, only the thought they could eventually do something similar to the electric car industry gives me chills. I know, this also seems unlikely, but I’ve seen so many unexpected movements and agreements that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if one day I’ll hear the bad news.

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  1. I feel that what GM pulled off in the mid ninetys with the EV1 would be much more difficult today. Being global warming and energy dependance are taken much more seriously these days, people are much less tolerant and many more pepole are able to view there opinions thanks to the internet. We need to be more aware of the activities being done just under the radar ie…petro dollars involved with Tesla Motors . I have great respect for Tesla motor but do they really need money from BIG OIL !!! NO .

  2. I am starting to have a slightly different position: nowadays it is more and more obvious that the fosile fuels are less and less. And we are not the only one knowing it, also the big petrol companies are aware if it.

    If you see the trend, you can observe that the big companies are starting to invest in the new “green” fields of economy: constructing big solar (electricity) fields, etc.

    From my point of view, they are trying now to take advantage of their power to be the leaders of tomorrow’s energy providers. By creating, investing, buying today. And when it will be the time, they will own pretty much of what we need and they will raise the price for profits again and again.

    In Europe, as Europe does not want to be under petrol and gas pressure, Germany plans to invest 400-billion euros in North Africa (Sahara desert) to provide 15% of Europe’s needs of electricity with clean, renewable solar energy by 2050.

    We are under the money pressure today and these companies are strong and able to buy technology. I think they are slowly changing the direction, in stead of killing the new great innovations, they are buying them to take advantage of them in a few years.

  3. If you think for one moment that the large oil industry does not control the renewable energy market currently…then your just fooling yourself. Don\’t believe me just ask T. Boone Pickins. While we had gasoline being sold for over $4 per gal. the push for alternatives reached fever pitch. Was there a reason for the extreme gasoline prices….profit, and because they could. When congress asked about the high profits the companies were making and if they ever considered lowing the price, they just tilted their heads sideways and looked stupid. The fact is they lowered the price because people were looking elsewhere for their energy needs. Suddenly the prices went rocketing back down under $2. What had changed? What had caused the increase in the first place? The answers will never be known. The facts speak loud and clear, the oil industry controls the alternative energy sector through a simple process….they lower the price and everybody forgets about it. Come on people your slaves to your habit and your ignorance, wake up people of Earth. Who controls your economy, your lives, your money….big oil not government. Lets fix it because we need to and not wait until we have to huh?


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