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ABB to Launch Worldwide EV Charging Network by 2017


Someone has finally taken the issue of recharging electric vehicles into their hands! I’m talking about industrial robotics supplier ABB, who plans to set in place a massive 3-continent network of charging stations.

The time is more than ripe for such a move: people are reluctant to buy EVs for the fear of remaining stranded God knows where, so news like this should really make their day.

On the other hand, governments and companies will shy away from installing such equipment unless they have solid figures of EV sales. Knowing the predicted of 5 million units produced each year, ABB has taken the initiative.

For the cars that will come out to market in the next 5 years, ABB will have an upgraded network of almost 7.7 million charging stations ready.

The electric car charging network will organize recharging in such a way that it won’t pressure the electrical grid even when demand is high; instead it will arrange for them to take place when there is ample supply.

ABB could use a hand with these charging stations, so it teamed up with German energy supplier RWE, who can back the project with its expertise in the wind technology. Soon, people all across Europe, US and Asia will happily charge their EVs like any regular car!

[via Inhabitat]

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