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Aerated Shower is More Comfortable and Saves Water

Felton Oxijet Insert Makes ANY Shower Head an Aerated Shower Head, Saving Water and Your Shower
Felton Oxijet Insert Makes ANY Shower Head an Aerated Shower Head, Saving Water and Your Shower

Fresh water is a dwindling resource in many lands, and in order to conserve what is available, many governments have put strict limits on water usage, from lawn-watering regulations to water-saving building codes. What this is really about is saving it for important things like drinking and cooking, as the average human being requires just under a gallon per day of contaminant-free water. Still, regular bathing is a requirement for good hygiene.

Low-flow shower heads present one major problem for those who love their shower time, because, in order to save water, they reduce water flow and pressure. Reduced water flow means less water actually hits your body.

A major advancement in sink technology, aeration, has now found its way into shower head technology. The New Zealand company Felton has successfully developed a water-saving aeration insert for the shower. The aerated shower uses even less water than current low-flow shower heads.

There’s good news for shower-lovers though, because an aerated shower means you can enjoy your current shower head and a more comfortable shower. Water coming out of an aerated shower doesn’t exit particularly in droplets or in a stream, but as air-filled bubbles of water.

Just like the aerated faucet covers your hands more effectively, the Felton Oxijet covers your body more effectively. You can still enjoy your shower and save water while doing it. We already know that taking a shower instead of a bath can save hundreds of gallons of water per year, and that changing to a low-flow shower head can save even more water, but now there is something even better.

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