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AERO-E: A Cool Wind-Powered Wireless Induction Phone Charger Prototype


Small gadgets like phones usually have small chargers, but they often get forgotten plugged in when you wake up in the morning and hurry up to go to work. These often-called “energy vampires” now have a solution – a wind-powered phone charger, actually a design that may just catch if someone will stick to it.

It’s been called the AERO E, and unlike wind turbines, it’s small, but big enough to charge your phone wirelessly, via an induction charger, just like Tesla did in the old days.

Wire-free, cool-looking, it could be a perfect gift for someone you love and would want them to become “greener” or at least show off their green intentions. It’s a pity this is only a concept for now, but we hope someday, someone will find a production line for such a gadget charger.

[via slashgear]

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