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First Biofuel Blend-Powered Intercontinental Flight Launched by Aeromexico


A few weeks ago, Lufthansa became world’s first airline that began regular biofuel passenger flights within Europe, more precisely between Frankfurt and Hamburg. Now Aeromexico, Boeing, and the Mexican Government succeeded launching the first intercontinental flight powered by biofuels.

The airplane will fly over 250 passengers from Mexico City to Madrid and will use a blend of 30 percent biofuel, provided by the ASA and 70 percent traditional fuel. The biofuel is actually a combination of oil obtained from Jatropha Curcas oilseed plant (which is grown in few region in the world, including Mexico) and petroleum-derived jet fuel.

This way, Aeromexico, as a member of SkyTeam and Sustainable Aviation Fuels Users Group (SAFUG), wants to promote the use of alternative low-carbon fuels.

The flight is only the beginning of a more ample project, because Aeromexico in collaboration with the Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA), plans to launch over the next year other biofuel-powered commercial flights to destinations such as Costa Rica and San Jose. The airplanes will be Boeing 737-700s powered by CFM56-7B22 engines. The giant Boeing Commercial Airplanes is also the main provider of this kind of biofuel used for this flight.

[via FTN-News]

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