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Power-Saving LED Light Bulbs Can Now Transmit Data at 800 Mbps


While some people in the Philippines are glad to have sunlight in their homes during the day, scientists from the Heinrich Hertz Institute in Germany have managed to transmit data at 800 Mbps over LED light bulbs, giving them a second reason to exist, besides saving power and carbon dioxide.

If those who invented the good-old infrared data transmission devices that used to be in vogue ten years ago, only succeeded achieving 2 Mbps, present day LED bulbs that combine green, blue and red can really take place of radio-based wireless connections, that are only able to reach 300 Mbps in most cases (theoretically).

Now, let’s be realistic: the technology won’t ever replace all those wireless or wired routers and their infrastructure, since there’s the direct line-of-sight limitation, but it really gives an incentive for people and institutions to use LED bulbs.

Places like hospitals, airplanes, or other radio-sensitive spots will surely benefit from this green illumination system that can also carry HD movies or information towards your bank account in Manila.

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