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AeroVironment TurboCord Makes Electric Vehicle Charging Even Easier

AeroVironment TurboCord Charges Electric 3x Faster on 240 V than Standard Cordset
AeroVironment TurboCord Charges Electric 3x Faster on 240 V than Standard Cordset

There are a couple of ways to recharge an electric vehicle at the home or business, some of which can be expensive.

For business owners, especially those who are interested in encouraging adoption of electric vehicles, or whose employees are asking for electric vehicle chargers, the expense of installing dedicated charging stations might seem daunting. On the other hand, how much of an installation is really necessary for the average employee’s electric vehicle to recharge?

If you think about it, the average employee needs to be at work between 8am and 9am, and probably won’t leave work until about 5pm or 6pm, depending on the color of their collars. This means that the average electric vehicle will be parked for at least six to eight hours. What this means is that an LIII fast-charging station is absolutely unnecessary, unless you have a valet shuffling cars on it. Even installing LII charging stations is totally unnecessary in the average charge-at-work scenario.

The cheapest installation would be to run 120 V or 240 V lines out to the parking lot, since most businesses have at least these two voltages running onsite. Of course, for electric vehicle owners, they’d need a cord that could handle one or the other, which is where the AeroVironment TurboCord comes in. AeroVironment already supplies home charging stations for Fiat, Ford, and Nissan, but not everyone can, or wants to, spend thousands of dollars on their installation.

A cheaper solution would be to get your electrician to run a dedicated 240 V line to wherever you plan on charging, perhaps a few hundred dollars at home, more for a business running multiple lines, and use the TurboCord, which runs around $650. This is significantly cheaper than a full electric vehicle charging-station installation. AeroVironment estimates that the TurboCord will fully-charge a Nissan Leaf in about six hours, slower than a dedicated charging station, but perfect for overnight at-home or at-work charging time requirements.

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