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Nissan to Offer New and More Affordable Leaf Electric Car


Nissan LeafReuters reported on Wednesday that Nissan is set to offer a new low-priced version of the Leaf, known as the Leaf S when it starts introducing its 3013 models. Though there has been no word on pricing yet, Nissan spokesman Brian Brockman has indicated that the new Leaf would be available in car dealerships this February.

The two models of the Leaf will both have standard a 6.6-kilowatt charger on board which is designed to half the charging times of the 2012 models. Nissan reported that the new Leaf will have the onboard charger as an option, though there was again, no word on pricing.

For two years, the Nissan Leaf on sale in North America has been manufactured in Japan but now the new 2013 models would be manufactured in the Japanese firm’s plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, which has seen an increase in the number produced.

The 6.6-KW standard charger will ensure that the lithium-ion battery is charged in under four hours with a 220 V outlet.

Currently, the 2012 model of the Leaf comes at a price of $36,050 and $38,100 for the SV and SL versions respectively, with a destination charge of $850 and a federal tax credit of $7,500.

In 2012, the Leaf sold 9,819 units, only 145 more than the year before. Also, since the introduction of the Leaf in December 2010, almost 50,000 units have been sold worldwide with the US accounting for 19,500. Still, it is unlikely that Nissan will meet its aim of doubling the sales of the Leaf in its present fiscal year, ending March 31.

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