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Airnergy: The Device That Charges Your Gadgets From WiFi Signals


Tesla had been dreaming about this many decades ago, and it seems his dreams even became reality, and several other thousands of minds all around the globe and over the time have been fantasizing about how would it be like to have your electronic devices powered wirelessly.

RCA, a U.S. – based company, presented their Airnergy device at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking place in Last Vegas last week. Airnergy is capable to harness useful electricity from Wi-Fi signals everywhere, and deploy it into its own battery, so you can use it later to charge any gadget that has a mini-USB connector.

The pocket-sized Airnergy resembles a 3G dongle, and the speed that it charges itself strongly depends on the strength of nearby Wi-Fi signals. This shouldn’t be no problem, though, since we’re surrounded by Wi-Fi hotspots more or less everywhere we go in a city, and even at home.

Airnergy will go on sale in the U.S. later this year for $40. The company also has plans of miniaturizing it and making the technology available for embedding into normal phone batteries, so they can charge on the run while you’re at the office, for example.

To show their technology works, RCA made a demonstration of a Blackberry device charging up from 30 percent to full in about 90 minutes.

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