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Panasonic to Equip Tesla Motors' Future EVs With Their Batteries


Just few days ago, Tesla Motors announced that they will start the collaboration with Panasonic for the development of the next generation battery cells for their EV.

The new battery pack for the Tesla EV will have Nickel-based Lithium-Ion cells made by Panasonic. Nickel-based Lithium-Ion cells seem to be the highest energy density cells in production today, and are preferred by Tesla because of the high capacity, light weight, durability and long life.

Panasonic is one of the leading manufacturers of Lithium-ion battery cells and supplier to the automotive industry. They are leading the lithium-ion cell technology and are midway through a 3-year investment plan of $1 billion in the lithium-ion battery cell R&D and production facilities. The first facility, based in Suminoe, Japan, will start production by April this year.

Tesla’s plan includes the usage of cells from multiple battery suppliers. Up to now, they delivered around 900 cars to North America and Europe customers. The Tesla Roadster EV is very efficient as is has an autonomy of 244 miles per charge, which costs less than $5/charge.

B Straubel, Tesla’s Chief Technology Officer proudly said: “Our collaboration with Panasonic will accelerate the development of next generation EV cells, enabling Tesla to further improve our battery pack performance. Combining Tesla’s rigorous cell testing and understanding of EV requirements with Panasonic’s cutting-edge battery technology will result in custom cells optimized for use in EVs.”

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