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American Propane Production Means Cleaner is Cheaper

Propane Fueling Stations Like This Could be More Common if Propane Prices Keep Falling
Propane Fueling Stations Like This Could be More Common if Propane Prices Keep Falling

Everyone likes to hear cleaner and cheaper fuel in the same sentence, and the rise in American propane production is making it more common.

Propane vehicles are nothing new, but until now, the fueling expense here in the United States has made them unattractive.

All of that changed once American propane production started to rise in the last few years. The laws of supply and demand dictate that when supplies go up, prices go down, and right now, after processing and transportation, cleaner propane is about $1 cheaper per gallon than gasoline. Reflecting this change in pricing, the number of propane refueling stations has jumped 50% in the last few years as well.

Additionally, propane refueling stations are cheaper to install than gasoline or natural gas stations, which make them attractive for independent gas stations as well as corporations. Major corporations are taking advantage of cleaner fuel made possible by increased American propane production.

DISH Network recently signed a deal with Roush CleanTech for 200 propane-powered vans that will service Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. DISH expects to save $500,000 annually just in refueling costs.

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  1. Propane gives a distinct fingerprint signal-easily detected and anyalised.So using it as a pressurizing gas for fracking extractions is being cut back and its being replaced by gases whose sourcing is harder to trace back.To make measuring and proving leak points and rates harder.

  2. still made the same way, as a by product of petroleum extraction, but since American petroleum production is rising, the supply of american propane is rising. oddly enough, this makes me wonder why gasoline prices aren’t dropping similarly.


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