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"Amphibious Hybrid" Electric Car Designed for Any Terrain


amphibious-hybrid_4_7O5Ux_69Car designers Jaap Van Der Voort, Tiemen Stelwagen, Janne Leppänen, Roope Kolu and Tuulia Miettinen have designed a zero-emission concept car that can run on any type of road, including on water.

The new concept called Amphibious Hybrid has the ability to analyze particular terrain and configures the tires automatically. The tires are able to open up if required depending on the terrain. When the car is on a normal road the tires remain usual, but if on snow or other types of road where more traction is needed, the tires are open a little bit to enhance the grip. The most interesting feature of this car is that it can run on water by opening up the tires and converting them into flaps that act as a propeller.

Each wheel of the vehicle has an electric engine inside which is powered by batteries. The wheel exists of movable parts which can increase traction or even transform in a paddle wheel to propel the vehicle in the water. The wheel is controlled by terrain sensors which decide when more or less traction is needed. This system provides the vehicle with more safety because it can answer to different kind of terrains.

We don’t now the price yet, but i believe that one such vehicle is going to cost a lot of money. The designer states that the cost can be pulled down by making the vehicle available on rent or by sticker advertising.

[Source: Tuvie]

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  1. While the idea of it sounds great, I’ve never seen anything looking so ugly in my life. I’m sure the creators are very proud of it but I can’t imagine owning anything that looked like that. It kind of looks like it could just develop an evil mind of its own and go nuts with people trapped inside it.


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