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Apple Wants Eco-Friendly Campus in Austin

Possible Rendering of Apple Austin's New Campus
Possible Rendering of Apple Austin’s New Campus

Apple’s latest $300-million project in Austin, Texas looks to eventually double their workforce by 2021. The plans have undergone some changes since the project began, but for the better. Apple’s latest plan iteration includes reduction of exposed concrete and asphalt walkways from 80% to just 55%.

Instead of driveways, more pedestrian zones will be implemented. Besides, walking is better for your health and for the environment.

Originally proposed were three open-air parking lots, enough for 5,500 vehicles, but the new plans call for parking garages, one of which should be completed about the same time as the first 200,000ft2 of buildings are ready.

Parking garages cost more than parking lots, but could they open the way for more solar panel installation, and therefore a greener energy supply.

This is purely speculation, but 1.8 million square feet of solar panels could generate 18MW of pure green power. Apple Austin’s new Campus certainly looks to be greener than its previous design, and who knows if they might implement other green technology such as solar panels to offset their grid power consumption, or even to power a fleet of electric vehicles?

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