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Apple’s Operations in Singapore Fully Powered by Sunlight


3403188144_68734fe432Tech giant Apple announced that all their operations in Singapore will be powered by sunlight.

The guys at Apple have made quite a solid long-term commitment to green energy, and it seems they are not likely to bail out. In a recent announcement, the tech gurus revealed a new contract with Sunseap Group, Singapore’s city-state clean energy provider, and the government of Singapore.

As of next year, Apple will be meeting all their energy needs in Singapore, using 100% solar power, provided by Sunseap. This includes powering their corporate campus with 2,500 employees and the company’s first retail store in Singapore. According to the announcement by Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Lisa Jackson, this joint initiative will be the first of this kind for Singapore.

Sunseap will be supplying 33MW solar energy harvested by almost 1000 building rooftops, which are part of the company’s expanding portfolio of rooftop solar farms. The company is testing a new model of operation, where in order to meet Apple’s demand, they will deliver energy from both on-site rooftop solar leasing and off-site energy providers under the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

According to Goh Chee Kiong, Executive Director of Cleantech, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), this highly ambitious project is both a challenge to Apple and to Singapore. The country is taking pride in being Asia’s leading clean energy hub. The ultimate aim is to be the place, where major companies can freely develop and test new inventions and business models related to clean energy.

The contract with Apple is essentially the first business model for Singapore, which includes off-site power-purchase agreements. If it all works out according to plan, this should be the solution to the problem of limited space, which the country is facing at the moment. In the future, they hope to attract more companies that will follow Apple’s example in boosting clean energy usage.

Image (c) Apple

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