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Floating Solar Powered Pop-Up Restaurants To Transform Singapore’s Waterfront


spark-solar-orchid-floating-pod-buildings-2-537x402A team of creative architects has taken the idea of pop-up restaurants to another, much higher and much greener level. They designed the ultimate centres, entirely powered by solar, that can float on the water surface and take you by surprise, while you’re enjoying the wonderful sunset on the coast.

The Solar Orchid project is the first ever concept of a floating platform that provides all necessary facilities for a restaurant, or any other commercial business, to operate in a self-sustained manner. The design is a product of Spark Architects, and it is created specifically for Singapore, where the government is currently investing millions to reconnect the waterscapes with newly emerged developments.

The design was inspired by the way hawkers from Singapore used to travel and sell their goods. This is why the team is particularly keen to turn the floating islands into self-sustained restaurants that can appear at any location along the coast. Each platform, or floating pod, is entirely powered by solar panels, mounted on the roof, which also serve as a protection against sometimes rough weather conditions.

In addition to clean power generators, the pods are also equipped with the necessary exhausts, they have water and gas supplies, and even water and waste recycling facilities, ready to serve every need that a restaurant owner or customer might have. In addition, the pods can operate individually, or in a cluster, depending on the specifics of the location and the preferences of the managers.

The guys behind the project are convinced that sometimes turning to history can create some great new ideas. They also believe that even if this current idea never gets realized, it will hopefully trigger discussions and present a fresh view for the future of cities.

Image (c) SPARK Architects

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