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Cheap Portable 3D Printed Wind Turbine Generates Clean Electricity and Saves Lives


87e910c4aade5d77584a2282ed528726_largeOnly a few months after the great success of Windpax, the portable wind turbine that managed to raise almost double the amount that the inventors initially asked with their Kickstarter campaign, the competition from other teams has already started. A new mobile wind turbine, called AirEnergy 3D, is already gathering supporters simply by being much cheaper and much more efficient.

OK, well, it is not the “first mobile green energy generator”, as the makers claim on their promo page, but it surely is the first 3D printed mobile wind turbine, which can produce as much as 300W of power on a windy day. Just to compare with the already known Windpax, not only that the amount of energy it can generate is three times as much, but it also comes at a much cheaper price.

What makes AirEnergy3D a very exciting gadget, is its durability, its efficiency and the fact that it can easily fit in your backpack when disassembled.  But that’s not all it offers. The Polish makers make one additional promise, which is not only honourable to the environment, but also to communities in remote areas of Africa. The guys say that for every 2.500 GBP, they will send a gadget to an African village, where a source of renewable energy means that lives are saved.

With another month to go, the campaign has already raised half of the £19,000 that the inventors are looking for. In charity worlds, the guys can already start packing four AirEnergy 3D turbines and prepare them for shipping to Africa.

It is truly a great initiative from whatever side you decide to look at it. It is a great environmentally friendly mean of energy generation that can be brought and assembled literally anywhere, it is affordable and it serves a great cause. I do not see any reason why one would not like to contribute, but in case you need further convincing, go and check out their promo video.

Image (c)  AirEnery3D

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