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Apple’s Environment-Related Vows Renewed by CEO Tim Cook



In the past, Apple has been accused of not obeying commonsense environmental rules, but that was when Steve Jobs was their master chef. Tim Cook seems to have turned a new corner in his role as Apple’s CEO. More than a year ago, Cook had just inherited the company from the iconic founder, a man so deified that Cook didn’t look as if he stood a chance.

However, at an atypical public appearance at the Goldman-Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on February 12, Cook seemed like a man in charge. He was clearly cheerleading to a degree since Apple had a dismal stock performance after its last earnings call.

Cook said he’s feeling bullish about Apple, which is good considering Samsung is giving Apple a run for its money in the smartphone market. One way to compete, according to Cook, is to make Apple’s products more affordable.

Cook also stressed the need for Apple to herald in an age of corporate environmental responsibility.

Over the years, Apple has been under incredible scrutiny, particularly at Foxconn. But relatively speaking, among the major consumer electronics companies out there, Apple is one of the first to even acknowledge when there is a problem.  Apple publicly shares information regarding its supplier responsibility on its website.

Experts and supporters alike believe that with Tim Cook at the helm, Apple will become an even more environmentally friendly company and its overseas factories will have improved conditions.

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