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Aquanta, the Device that Makes Your Water Heater Smart


fa07bd2aafc34826bc74efe84e1717af_large.png.662x0_q100_crop-scaleWater heaters have just joined the continuously expanding family of smart appliances thanks to a new controller. Meet Aquanta, a smart attachment that learns the habits of household members and adjusts the functions of the water heater accordingly.

All standard water boilers come with one big disadvantage, as soon as hot water starts running through the tap, the temperature of the water in them starts to drop. Regardless of how great the water heater is, it either goes on as soon as the water is in use, or it starts itself when the temperature drops under a predefined temperature. Of course, not many of us take a shower in the middle of the night when the heaters decide to go on, wasting unnecessary energy.

Now, this is where Aquanta comes into play. Developed by the experienced guys at Sunnovations, this little gadget can be fitted onto any existing water heater, connects to your smart phone and allows control and monitoring of hot water and energy usage. In addition to this, it provides you with information on your habits, which allows you to monitor precisely when the household members need and use hot water the most.

As it is with all smart technology around the house, Aquanta comes with an app for your smart phone or tablet. There you can access the device from anywhere, receive an alert if there is a maintenance problem, determine energy and hot water consumption and even get information on how much money and energy you have actually saved. Click here to see a short demo video.

The device comes at a price of $150, which might seem a bit much to start with, but it could save you the amount of money in energy in just a few months. In addition to this, with all these new regulations and energy efficiency standards that the US government, and the EU, are introducing on appliances around the home all the time, it might actually work out much cheaper in the end.

Image (c) Aquanta

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