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ScootPlus Electric Scooter – Stylish (Micro-?) Electric Vehicle

ScootPlus Electric Scooter is world's smallest and lightest electric vehicle.
ScootPlus Electric Scooter is world’s smallest and lightest electric vehicle.

Would you call it an electric vehicle if it didn’t have four wheels and at least two doors? Perhaps not, but a new electric scooter can really fill the need when it comes to urban transportation.

If you are progressive, you might consider a conventional electric vehicle for your transportation needs, but you’d still have to take into consideration city congestion if your commute ends up in an urban zone. Of course, you could avoid traffic congestion by taking public transportation, but that still leaves you with a “last-mile” problem because, chances are, the terminal is not even close to your destination.

If you are particularly progressive, there is the centuries-old bicycle, good old pedal-power, and you can opt for an electric bike if your office frowns upon sweat marks. Unfortunately, as a “last-mile” resort, bicycles and electric bicycles are still oversized, which means that you’ll be stuck walking, unless you go for an even smaller electric vehicle, a new electric scooter, the ScootPlus Electric Scooter, which I found on HobbyKing.com

The ScootPlus Electric Scooter, depending on legal requirements, could be the perfect “last-mile” electric vehicle. It’s portable, small enough to bit in a backpack, but a bit on the heavy side, weighing in at about 23½ pounds. Still, the weight isn’t so much of an issue when you consider that you don’t really have to carry it that far. The scooter, much like the kid-famous, and kid-inside-famous, Razor Scooter, the ScootPlus Electric Scooter folds compact, so you can stow it in the back seat of the car or on the floor of the commuter train, then ride it everywhere else.

The ScootPlus Electric Scooter’s 33 V, 6.5 Ah, battery takes two or three hours to recharge, which delivers up to 18 miles range, at speeds up to 17 mph. Indeed, this micro-electric vehicle can get around, and you won’t break a sweat! Included in the $500 price tag is the scooter, charger, cruise control, regenerative braking, LED headlight, and an LCD readout showing voltage, speed, odometer and trip meter.

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