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ASMO Smart Phone Charger Does Not Use Energy on Stand By


ASMO-ChargerIf there is one thing that wastes incredible amount of energy only by being plugged in and waiting to be used, that is the mobile phone charger. Thankfully, now there is ASMO, the first ever mobile phone charger that does not consume energy while on stand by.

Everyone knows they have to unplug the charging cable when they are done using it, yet I am sure that there is at least one charger sticking out of the socket in (almost) every house. This seemingly insignificant, yet still irresponsible, action (or inaction) from our side, could add quite a bit to the electricity bill, without us even realizing where it came from. A Finnish company called Dulu, however, might have come up with the solution for us. Here is the ASMO-Charger, the first ever smart charger, which does not consume energy on stand by and therefore saves you money in an eco-friendly way, and by the way increases fire-safety.

Well, yes, it would be a lot easier if we could just unplug the charger when we are done using it, but with the busy lifestyles that most of us have, it is understandable to forget a charger plugged in once in a while. This is why, investing in a charger like ASMO is definitely money well spent. The little gadget simply stops taking up energy when our electronic device is unplugged. It has an USB port, which makes it suitable for charging both tablets and mobile phones.

The guys behind ASMO definitely mean business. Their product is not only great because it brings down your energy bill, but it also complies with the recommendations of the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), who urged for manufacturers to push and encourage energy efficient innovations. In addition, it goes well in line with the goals set by President Obama on energy efficiency and energy standards.

So, all in all, the perfect idea to go on Kickstarter. Here is the link to the campaign and a short promo video. If you are interested, you have only 8 days to put some money towards it.

Image (c) ASMO

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