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Audi Adds Another 460 MWh Worth of Solar Panels to Their Ingolstadt Factory


Audi seems to have chosen solar power to green up the manufacturing processes of their future E-tron electric cars for both of their factories in Germany. Having already installed 11,600 square meters in 2009, they now want to continue this trend with another 7,500 square meters.

The new solar panels will cover the main plant’s roof in Ingolstadt, Germany. The electricity produced by the solar panels will be used to charge the batteries of E-tron and to power the plant’s production facilities.

The 7,500 square meters of solar power will have a peak output of 500 kW and the entire installation will be able to provide around 460 MWh yearly. The total that Audi brags with is somewhere around 1,500 MWh annually, including the 1,000 MWh solar panel installation at its second plant in Neckarsulm.

“This concept shows that Audi is tackling the topic of electromobility systematically,” said Plant Manager Peter KiĀ¶ssler. The photovoltaic installation uses thin-layer modules that Audi says satisfy the most stringent environmental protection, efficiency and flexibility standards. “We aim to set the standards in every area,” added KiĀ¶ssler.

Greening up the way they do business is an important step for Audi and every car manufacturer. Not only that it increases their credibility as EV manufacturers who care for the environment, but they also really make a difference in the total CO2 output.

[via gizmag]

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