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Jaguar C-X75 At The 2010 L.A. Auto Show: Fantasy Concepts Come To Reality


The new Jaguar C-X75 embodies three main goals of its designers and engineers: 0-to-60 performance in less than four seconds, a top speed of more than 200 miles per hour, and “green” certification. The C-X75 is like a dream-come-true concept for a vehicle, and was exhibited at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show, on November 28th.

But the car concept had been first made known to the public at the Paris Auto Show in October, whereas the L.A. show unveiled the concept turned into reality. The manager of low carbon advanced engineering at Jaguar, Nigel Taylor, offered a quick insight of the C-X75 “supernatural” powers.

The project completion came as a gift for the Jaguar’s 75th anniversary and offered a perspective view on the company’s future trend in design and technology.

The hybrid car series is equipped with four 195-horsepower electric motors, two supplying power to the front wheels and two for the back. The 20 kWh battery provides all-electric power for a range of 68 miles, which comes close to the same range of some pure electric cars.

The designers opted for two lightweight micro-gas-turbines, instead of a heavy internal combustion engine. The turbines are used to either extend driving range when the batteries are emptied, or for high-speed driving. They are called into operation depending on the C-X75’s speed crossing the 100 mph for the first turbine, and the 120 mph for the second one. The turbines jointly provide an additional 188 horsepower boost.

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