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LG Consolidates Position In The Wastewater Treatment Industry With Its First MBR Process


LG Electronics revealed last week an innovative solution to wastewater treatment, just two months after it had announced to enter the water treatment business.

The solution is provided by the Green Membrane Bioreactor (G-MBR) process, a project engineered by means of the latest advanced technology, which places LG in the major players league of water treatment industry for a long term.

The main component of the of the new G-MBR process, the LG membrane bioreactor, requires up to 34% less space than conventional MBRs. This performance was achieved by using LG’s slimmer flat-type microfiltration membrane modules and optimizing the space between them, thus, increasing its efficiency and makes it easier to install.

Due to the advanced debris screening technology, the G-MBR’s membranes highly resistance to contamination guarantees a longer lifespan while still keeping down the maintenance costs.

Another advantage that puts G-MBR at the top of its class is the removal system of phosphorus from the wastewater, which is two-fold effective than an equal-sized system performing the same function.

This stage in water treatment is a crucial task before the water is returned to the environment, as phosphorus is one of the main contributors to eutrophication, the phenomenon of the over-fertilization of the surface body-waters (lakes, oceans) with highly negative impacts on the terrestrial ecosystems (loss of oxygen in the water, decrease in fish population, etc).

In his statement, Young-ha Lee, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home, points out the negative effects of lack of clean water and how LG helps preventing those: “The lack of clean water is a major cause of hunger, disease and poverty throughout the developing world. And the problem will only get worse if the warnings about climate change turn out to be accurate. With G-MBR, LG has taken a huge step in making affordable clean water a reality for millions of people around the world.”

The G-MBR process of LG company has received the New Excellent Technology Certificate from Korea’s Ministry of Environment.

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