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SEADOG Uses Waves' Own Power to Desalinate Sea Water


seadog pumpIt seems the trend to get green in one area is not sufficient anymore, as most of the companies that have a product they want to deliver on the market need to have it made entirely clean.

This is the case of a company called Renew Blue, Inc. that will use wave power to run a desalination plant in Freeport, Texas. The resulted water will be finally put into corn-based biodegradable plastic bottles. The SEADOG power system is made from a buoy which puts in motion a piston mechanism that rotates a water wheel to generate electricity. The resulted current is enough to power the entire activity of an offshore desalination plant.

The buoy contains an air filled cylindrical chamber and another block which is able to move vertically inside the cylinder.  The chamber is relatively stationary while the block rises and falls with the waves. The block creates the movement of a piston within another cylinder, drawing and expelling water with every stroke.

Around 18 SEADOG pumps will be deployed at a platform off the coast of Freeport, Texas.  The platform will produce about 60 kilowatts of electricity in order to sustain the desalination process of this plant. Well, actually the plant will only need for the water cleaning process about 4 kW of electricity per day.

Because of the zero emission technology, the dimensions and design specification, SEADOG can be adapted easily to a variety of sites worldwide. The desalination process is very important to our future as it will guarantee the society the fresh water resource we see decreasing every day.

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