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New Mold Technique Puts BioSand Water Filter Within Reach of Everyone





BioSand water filtration represents one of the most promising technologies we have when it comes to low cost water filtration. A new mold technique has dropped the price of building a BioSand water filtration, and made it possible to construct one almost anywhere.

Sand filtration is on old technique for purifying water, but BioSand makes the process much more efficient. Originally developed in the 1990’s at the University of Calgary by Dr. David Manz, BioSand adds naturally occurring biological elements to a regular┬ásand filtration system.

In addition to the filtration that the varying sizes of sand provide, an array of helpful microorganisms are cultivated within the column of sand, and they help to kill off many of the other bacteria that would cause problems if ingested.

Once built, a BioSand system will work without maintenance for many years, and has been shown to be effective in a variety of harmful pathogens like; cholera, typhoid, amoebic dysentery and E coli.

Clearly this is a wonderful solution to a problem that plagues the most vulnerable people on the planet, but there was just one small problem until recently. In order to use this system, people had to have a steel column built in order to hold the sand.

For many of the poorest communities on out planet, a simple steel implement that costs between $500-$2000 usd was simply too expensive. But now a recent innovation has changed all of that, and by using concrete, the mold for a BioSand filter can be made for less than $100 usd

In addition to being much cheaper, concrete and wood can be used almost anywhere on the planet, so now this system can really provide potable water for just about any community.

It is important for us to remember that many of the biggest problems that we face can be solved with simple and inexpensive means. We just have to look for ways for everyone to gain from our ability to innovate.

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