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Climate Scientists Could Be Forced to Deny Climate Change


Today’s energy policy is going to be much more different than previous years. President Donald Trump, stated in his tweet from 2012 that global warming is a hoax created by China.

Also his pick for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is Scott Pruitt, who denies the global warming. Another big change in the new cabinet is Rick Perry, being the new head of the Energy Department. All these changes in the government will certainly create a new policy towards climate change.

The Union of Concerned Scientists warns the public about the potential rise of carbon dioxide emissions, as it will create detrimental consequences for the global climate. If the new administration changes its policy towards benefiting large cooperations rather than implementing guidelines and regulation, the climate change can be an inevitable fact of our daily lives.

Now, not only the policy changes, but the government plans on taking serious action against those that are climate scientists and researchers. There has been a rise on the requests of private emails using the Freedom of Information Act.

If the new administration decreases the support in research, then according to Peter Frumhoff, Director of Science and Policy at the UCS, the federal agencies will lack the scientific information in policy decision making.

Even if the government keeps supporting research, the topics and thesis will be of the new administration’s choice. For example, the new administration suggested that NASA should not focus on environmental monitoring.

With the new policy coming in, scientists are trying to find ways to store federal environmental data through Internet Archive and several universities. Especially in California, the officials are already against the new administration’s policy change. The California governor Jerry Brown even stated that California can launch its own satellite to keep up with the research.

[via newscientist]

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