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Australia to Ban Environmental Campaigners From Exposing Anti-Green Businesses


xforest-lungs-for-awareness-wwf-ad-campaign-shows-lung-patterns-cut-in-trees.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.QqDJM0RR-hWhen it comes to choosing between making profit and protecting the environment, which one would you go for? Although to most of us the right answer is more than obvious, big companies, supported by politicians, are willing to sacrifice the future of the planet for their own personal benefit.

What is worse, their actions might even become entirely legal and no environmental supporters or activists would be able to stop them, at least in Australia that is. A group of politicians, obviously having their own agenda, are now pushing to introduce a ban on all campaigns that could sabotage businesses of companies, whose products clearly damage the environment.

While some politicians are continuously trying to do the “good” thing by pushing green policies that protect the environment, somehow only very few regulations actually make it.  Unfortunately, quite a number of MPs seem to follow the basic principle of “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” and “overlook” the importance of protecting nature for the benefit of everyone.

This is particularly clear in Australia, where even officials from the Ministry of Agriculture lobby for a ban on environmental groups to protest against companies that, let’s say, cut timber illegally, or catch more fish than they should. Apparently, these campaigns fall under the so-called “secondary boycotts” and should not be allowed. The Australian Forest Products Association, as well as companies and associations in the seafood industry, are also supporting this. They claim that making products out of native timbers, or unsustainable fishing and farming, should be protected by law against environmentalists.

Until now, there was the so-called “peace deal”, which somehow regulated both parties- the campaigners and the producers. Unfortunately, as it seems, this is not going to last much longer, as new tough laws will hit the environmentalists very hard. Apparently, this is supposed to ensure that environmental groups are “truthful” and that their demands are reasonable. According to Richard Colbeck, the parliamentary secretary for agriculture, the point of view and demands of environmentalists will be heard, however, any campaign against a particular business or market, should not be allowed.

Of course, this piece of news attracted quite a bit of attention and raised quite a number of eyebrows. Clearly, it is a way for the government to legalize logging of forests in heritage areas. They are simply trying to “silence the messenger”, and open up possibilities for companies to do as they wish, completely neglecting the value of the environment.

Image (c)  WWF

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