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Badger – World’s Toughest Waterproof Solar Charger


waterproof-solar-charger-Badger.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scaleThe Badger is the waterproof solar charger from Brown Dog Gadgets, which delivers every single time, even when it is raining.

When it comes to solar chargers, the options are many. Depending on what you need, when you need it, and how much you are willing to invest in it, there is a very high chance that what you are looking for is already out there (take a look at the Top 5 most wanted portable solar chargers).

As far as crowd-funding goes, only on Kickstarter, there are currently 43 projects that offer portable solar chargers– 5 are still ongoing, and the rest have been successfully funded. Clearly the competition is quite tough for the ongoing campaigns but one stands out, storming trough the pledging process. Meet the Badger from the makers of the iconic folding solar charger– Brown Dog Gadgets. The Badger is also a solar charger, but this time it is waterproof, durable, fast, and all-weather resistant.

After the huge success of the guys with their campaign two years ago, there is very little doubt that the campaign for funding of the Badger would be any different. After all, not only that they have proven their commitment and professional attitude, but also what they have to offer is pretty cool and appealing.

The Badger has internal waterproofing of all electronics, the USB port has a rubber cap, and it also has an integrated water-resistant pouch, which protects the gadget while charging. Its dust and waterproofing features are certainly incredible, winning the device the prestigious IP65 rating (rating for internal protection).

This waterproof solar charger can handle anything, including soaking in a fish tank, being shot with a shotgun, and even being squashed under a bawling ball. Well, OK, it is highly unlikely than anyone would ever do any of these things to their gadget for reasons other than testing, but the message is clear- the Badger will keep charging no matter what.

In addition to all this, the Badger also has a detachable USB Watt meter, which provides information on power generation in real time, an auto-restart feature, and comes with a selection of different power packs.

The campaign is still ongoing, so if you have been convinced, and you want to be part of it all, then you have 22 days to back it.

Image (c) Brown Dog Gadgets

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