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Beijing to host First Race in 2014 Formula E Championship Racing Series

Bird's Nest Hosts First Formula E Races
Bird’s Nest Hosts First Formula E Races

The Beijing National Stadium, perhaps better-known as the Bird’s Nest, was built for the 2008 Olympics. The Bird’s Nest might be getting a new lease on life, hosting the first race in the 2014 Formula E Championship series.

Backed and organized by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile), the 2014 Formula E is the first racing series dedicated to pure electric-vehicle racing. A number of the biggest names in the racing world have already signed on to the 2014 FormulaE Championship series, such as Andretti and Drayson, a total of twenty drivers on ten teams.

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The inaugural race in the 2014 Formula E Championship series will be run on a 2.14-mile track running around the famous Beijing Bird’s Nest Stadium and the National Aquatics Center. The race itself will be a one-hour endurance race, counting how many laps drivers can make on a single charge and two electric vehicle racecars, which will switch out about halfway through, if all goes according to plan.

The success or failure of the Formula E racing series could seriously affect the way that people view electric vehicles as part of the future of transportation. Beijing, for example, choked by smog, some of it deadly, could certainly use the good publicity to increase awareness and adoption on clean electric vehicles. Still, they’d have to phase out coal power to finish the transition.

The Formula E racing series will start in Beijing, September 20th, 2014, and end in London, June 27th, 2015. There will be eight other worldwide stops along the way, including Putrajaya (Malaysia), Hong Kong, Punta del Este (Uruguay), Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Miami, Monte Carlo, and Berlin.

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