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Better Battery Capacity, Possible Tesla Styling for 2017 Nissan LEAF


Nissan LEAFIn an effort to mainstream the Nissan LEAF, Nissan executives have shared some of their goals for the next version.

A higher capacity battery and conventional styling top the list of changes planned for the 2017 release and are seen as a way to higher sales. Andy Palmer, executive VP in charge of Nissan’s zero emissions and Infiniti businesses stated in an April interview that battery chemistry is really seen as game changing technology and this is where Nissan stands to make major breakthroughs.

Palmer wouldn’t reveal just how much battery range the new generation LEAF will have but did hint that he thought around 185 miles had good mainstream appeal, a big jump from the LEAF’s current capacity of 84 miles.

Most likely, the standard LEAF hatchback will remain but will look more “normal” according to designers. Telsa has been a design inspiration to Nissan, so there is a distinct possibility that the 2017 LEAF might have some of the famous Tesla styling.

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  1. I like the doubling of the range, but “more conventional?” The Leaf is already as conventional as it gets, with a beautiful esthetics. Please don’t turn it into another Nissan soapbox! Focus rather on developing the Nissan EV family, with a bigger model for those who want an EV but not just a small one, and a small delivery truck would be fantastic too, these are on the road all day long, mostly in cities, they would really help with the environment and can pack enough batteries at least for half a day of work, and get replaced then.


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