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Better Place and CODA Partner for Airport EV Taxis with Battery Swapping


2012 CODAThe fastest way to recharge an electric vehicle [EV] is not on an L3 480V charger, over 30 minutes, but to simply swap out the battery, which takes about five minutes. Better Place Mobility Services, an EV battery-swapping company, has charging and battery-swapping stations around the globe, and is finally getting a foothold in the US.

This year they are partnering with FEV Inc. and CODA Automotive on a pilot program in San Francisco, CA.

John Proctor, director of global communications at Better Place, states, “We’re developing an electric taxi program in the Bay Area. To fulfill our program commitment to demonstrate switchable-battery taxis, Better Place, CODA and FEV are moving forward with a collaboration to convert six CODA electric cars with fixed batteries into switchable-battery cars.”

Under a $20 million grant from the California Energy Commission, CODA Automotive will be providing six new CODA EVs, and will work closely with FEV Inc. to convert them into swappable-battery airport EV taxis. Two battery swap stations will be set up and then the companies will begin data collection on the system as a whole.

CODA could stand to benefit from this partnership if its deal with Great Wall Motors, in China, goes through. China’s expansion makes it an ideal market for a possible Better Place – CODA Automotive partnership.

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