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Aquion Energy’s Water-Based Batteries Backed by Bill Gates


images (2)Aquion Energy  received an additional boost from major investors, including Bill Gates, to develop a cheap and environmentally-friendly water-based battery system.

The new energy storage technology by Aquion Energy received a total of $35 million in investments. The energy storage units are suitable for small and large-scale energy projects, with test units of the so-called Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) battery technology being delivered throughout this year.

Aquion Energy has set a target to start large-volume manufacturing by the end of this year in a new plant located in Pennsylvania. The company officials believe that these cost-effective energy storage systems, made of environmentally-friendly nontoxic materials, can boost energy storage by optimizing off-grid and micro-grid systems, industrial and commercial storage as well as large grid-scale energy projects.

Bill Gates has already been involved in a number of renewable energy projects that have the aim to cut down carbon emissions. He has been heavily involved in nuclear power developments, supporting the idea that nuclear power would be the US solution to increasing emissions.


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