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Bio Cooler: Coca-Cola’s Solution to Icy Drinks Without Electricity


coca-cola-bio-cooler-2The summer is coming, the temperatures are rising, and the desire for that refreshing cold drink is growing bigger and bigger. The company that knows this better than anyone is of course Coca-Cola.

This year, they are on a quest to reduce the guilt of their consumers even more, and not only by promoting their low-calorie, no sugar drinks. Their liquid pleasures will be made icy-cold without using a single drop of electricity or relying on batteries. All this, thanks to the new Bio Cooler.

The invention is truly remarkable. Developed by Leo Burnett Colombia, in collaboration with the International Physics Center, it is based on an old technology that uses a combination of plants, mirrors and evaporation to chill anything that is placed inside the container. It has a small plant garden on its roof, which has to be watered regularly. This process triggers evaporation on the inside of the container, releasing a gas, which is then converted to into liquid by a small mirror, bringing the temperatures on the inside down. And now, listen to this, the higher the temperature on the outside, the better the Bio Cooler works.

The first lucky users of the mini-can dispenser are the residents of the little town Aipir in Colombia, a place known for its sometimes a bit too-high-to-cope with temperatures. Unfortunately, the Bio Cooler will not be able to provide enormous supplies of chilled drinks. For the citizens of Aipir, it is incredible and fun way to cool themselves down in a fun green way, but it is likely that the soft drink makers will not distribute the invention to many more locations. For now, the idea is more a part of Coca-Cola’s marketing strategy to promote green living, just like their initiative with WWF to fight climate change.

But hey, it is brilliant, we have to give them that. And maybe, just maybe, we might one day be able to have one of these beauties at home- I would so buy it if I could.

Image (c)  Leo Burnett Colombia

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