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“Bipolar” LED Lamps Made from Recycled Wine Glasses


Bipolar-Lamp1Unwanted wine glasses can now be turned into lovely LED lamps thanks to the Canadian designer Tat Chao. The “bipolar” lamps are created from two champagne flutes or wine glasses with detached bases that are joined together at their drinking ends.

The Canadian collects these glasses through donations or used equipment shops after which the handcrafted lamps are created in Montreal, Canada.

According to Tat Chao, the inspiration for his creation came when he was crafting his IN VITRO collection’s candleholders. The two wine glasses making up each lamp are kept together using anodized aluminum which forms a ring joining the glasses and also contains the LED lights. There are a variety of models of the lamps, coming in various colors, shapes and sizes from 6 to 16 inches.

Up-cycling is an important process in achieving sustainability, particularly when the end product is as attractive and modern as these “bipolar” lamps. Also, the production process leaves no waste as the detached glass bases go into making yo-yos and spinning tops.

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  1. What a unique way to recycle old wine glasses! I think this can be a good DIY project for those who are looking to create some unique lighting. Here’s a similar piece: http://tinyurl.com/a47djdp. The difference is that it is made from wine bottles. These would be great pendant lights to accentuate your wine cellar, don’t you think?


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