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The Bizzarrini Veleno: Future’s Most Innovative Hydrogen Car Design


Is it just me or this car looks like an alien spaceship? And the name suggests it too: Bizzarrini, which makes you think of bizarre… Well, apparently it’s not what its creator Coventry University Transport Design graduate Borys Dabrowski intended to: he just wanted to bring a homage to the famous Giotto Bizzarrini and amaze us with his final year project.

Everything about the Bizzarrini Veleno is futuristic. Its look is actually inspired by poison dart frogs, the doors open like a flower to the sun, while its second name “Veleno” means Venom; but other than that, hardly anything else is from this world.

For example, the technology couldn’t be applied in mass production today, even if somebody really wanted to, while its composite material the CentrAL (a mix-up of super strong, light and resilient aluminium and glass fibers layers) is still under testing. The wheels are something else too: each corner has a number of curved rollers, so the car is able to move not only forward, but also sideways. I doubt that anyone would want to, but it’s there just so you know…

So much about the exterior, but wait till you hear about the rest. The Bizzarrini Veleno is powered by an electric motor and a biohydrogen reactor. However, the latter wouldn’t use the regular hydrogen other cars employ already. No, this hydrogen is different: it’s extracted from a hybrid algae, more proficient than a natural one.

The vehicle has room for only three persons, two in the front and a third in the back, somewhat centrally, while the interior is just as hi-tech as everything else so far.

[via Diseno-Art]

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