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Blimp Wind Turbine Can Generate Power at 2000 Feet Above the Ground


As you may know, many people became experts in generating wind power in recent years. Even so, they are still searching for more powerful, more consistent winds. For this purpose, some graduates from MIT came up with a new concept: if we can produce wind power on the ground, why not try to do the same thing in the air?

So, they created “Blimp”, a cylindrical airship that holds a wind turbine in its hollow center. Built to fly at an altitude of 2000 feet, the turbine will generate more power because of those powerful high-altitude winds. Then, the electricity produced will be sent to the ground through a thick mooring cable.

Building towers to harness stronger winds at higher altitudes is not so cheap and more than that, those turbines create noise pollution and they also kill lots of birds annually. Generating wind power with Blimp turbine is more advantageous. Using just a cable in the place of a tower is less costly and also creates more space on the ground.

The turbine will produce up to five times as much power as would be generated by a 350 foot tall wind turbine. It can be installed in just one day and it needs to descent for maintenance only once at three or four months. Altaeros Energies Inc announced that their new Blimp wind turbine could be very soon used in the military or in remote places.

So, from now on, if you’ll see a white, round flying object around 2000 feet above the ground, you have to know that it can be nothing else than the Blimp wind power generator.

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