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Ford's Map of US Cities With Highest Potential for EVs


If you live in the city in the US and you’re not sure whether you should buy an electric vehicle, Ford helps you out. Not financially, as many would like, but with a map, so you can see if your city is among those most ready to receive the fully electric Ford Focus on its roads.

Having to choose from such a multitude of states and cities must have been hard, but Ford handled the situation fairly well. One of its main criteria was that the city had to own an Electric Vehicles advisory panel. That means the people living in that area have access to urban planning techniques as well as facilities to receive a home charging station permit.

This trend is mostly visible in cities on the West and East coast, among which Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Boston and the list can continue, while a great deal of the center did not qualify.

Of course, the results issued a political debate, but they can also be explained sociologically: the “winning” areas posted on the map generally coincide with an urban concentration of universities and colleges and their citizens are more environmentally aware about the air quality. Also, the EV option adds up to the means of transportation urban citizens have at their disposal, alongside public transport. So it may not really be about which city is voting who.

This variety is a good thing, since the cities register the highest levels of pollution. But introducing EVs in the rural areas as well would be a good economic step, as gas prices tend to soar and the people living there don’t have any other alternative. One thing is for certain: the government will be fairly involved into this project, its goal being to make the regular use of EVs a reality.

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