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BMW’s Masterplan to Electric Car Transition


The Bavarian powerhouse is making all the right moves when it comes to electric vehicles. Maybe this is because they are watching the price of Tesla stock blast higher, and the market cap of a decade old company surpass automakers that have been at it for nearly a century.

Or maybe it is because they know that the future isn’t powered by gasoline.

Regardless of their motivations, BMW offers some of the best options for European drivers, and they have integrated a design strategy that will allow their company to take advantage of any advancements that come down the line in electric car technology.

Smart Ideas

Most people outside of Europe don’t know the kinds of electric offerings that BMW is producing, and I for one think it is a shame. Within Europe the BMW i3 is nearly the most popular electric car, and their brand is creating great reviews with urban drivers.

There are many reasons why electric cars are a dream in urban areas, but the biggest one is by far the cost savings they create for society as a whole.

Many people don’t realize the hidden costs that petroleum creates in the economy, but I assure you they are massive. We forget that petroleum impacts nearly every stage in the modern logistical infrastructure, and this means lots of costs.

Growing Nicely

BMW expects electric cars to make up at least 15% of its sales in a decade’s time, and perhaps as much as 25%. More reassuring is their philosophy that any car can be made electric, and they aren’t just putting up window dressing.

They are releasing a slew of new electric models on to the road over the next few years, a fully electric MINI included. These cars have been wildly successful with petrol powered motors, so we can assume that the electric versions will be met with huge love.

They had this to say about their dedication to making electric cars a force to be reckoned with, and how their innovative approch was already paying off:

“The BMW Group has benefited from its early start on the road to electrification. Indeed, the company’s pioneering, large-scale electric vehicle trial began world-wide in 2008 with the MINI E. Learnings from this project played a crucial role in the subsequent development of the BMW i3 and BMW i8, technology pioneers which themselves informed the company’s current range of plug-in hybrid vehicles.”

Now that Tesla has made electric cars that are drop dead sexy, it looks like smart companies are taking advantage of the momentum. There is no downside to this trend, and the automotive manufactures that ignore it will get hammered on when petroleum is relegated to long distance air travel, maritime logistics and construction equipment.

GM might want to think about what they are doing wrong. It isn’t too late to make amends for the EV1 debacle.

Just saying…

[via cleantechnica]

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